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Welcome to Legion of Despair:) when me an my  wife 1st started on World Of WarCraft back in March of 2009. we really didn't know much about the game we  worked  so hard on things. we started on ally then went to  horde cuz we couldn't get in to raids on the ally side. then we  moved back to the ally side. we got in to  a guild that wasn't so good. then my wife saw Geminisa  an Goarth  was looking for Members for BlackWater Exiles we  joined them. an did  loads of  raids with them we started out in  icc. then we joined Archaic Justice  after a few  raids  and dungeons.  i went in as raid leader. Kytale was the GM.  then we had a name Change to Speedy Turtle Tribe sadly they will be missed. they stoped playing World Of WarCraft. For FFIX. i then be came the GM of Speedy Turtle Tribe. then i give it a facelift. we be came Legion of Despair.  an are growing  stronger  everyday.

Regarding raids, our end game progression is slow but steady. and our raids are designed to be flexible. Many of us have multiple 100s and can switch out characters from week to week to allow for everyone to be on the toon they want to go on."Main" raid runs are Tuesdays,Wednesdays,Fridays 5:30pm to 9:30pm server time. alt runs  are saturday 5:30pm to 9:30pm server time  

We are in need of fun, active members, but we do not require any every-day obligation to the game.  We understand people have jobs, classes, and families outside of the World of Warcraft.  If you're interested in being a part of our family -within- the World of Warcraft, simply type /who Legion and message anyone online.  A short interview is required before joining, as we aspire to keep our guild a fun and friendly retreat from the "elitists" and the "trolls" just as well as from the pressures of the real world.


Legion of Despair is  taking all  class.

pst Blexanu - Toá

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Legion of Despair